Friday, February 29, 2008

Vent Sizing / Relief System

Vent Sizing / Relief System

Product Description : • Vent sizing and emergency relief system studies are undertaken to verify the proper equipment and/or safety precautions utilized during the processing steps. To achieve this objective, the `study-scope` specification usually covers the aspects of vapour relief calculations, reaction hazard assessment and may include or exclude decomposition reactions depending on the requirement. The study consists of a number of discrete tasks shown below. The fire engulfment calculations form the most straight-forward aspect of the study. The chemical reaction hazards study is a considerably more detailed task and is usually broken down into a larger number of discrete tasks. This study requires basic data information on the processes also. Some indication of the tasks undertaken as part of the study are shown below

task 1: vent sizing for fire engulfment emergency relief vent sizing procedure

task 2: risk ranking of chemical reactions

task 3 : experimental characterisation of chemical reactions

task 4 : identification and selection of process deviation scenarios

task 5 : experimental characterisation of runaway reactions

task 6 : vent sizing for runaway reaction

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