Friday, February 29, 2008

Safety GloTM Tire Treads

Driving visibility is severely compromised in poor weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, and night driving, where it's often difficult to see the road and other vehicles. The Safety GloTM Tire Treads provide a dual purpose to help prevent automobile accidents and provide safety while driving. First, the Safety GloTM Tire Treads feature flourescent orange strips within the tire grooves which illuminate the tires to increase the visibility of a vehicle. In fog, rain, snow, or night driving conditions, the bright orange glow of the tire treads helps the vehicle's tires to be seen to help avoid traffic accidents. Additionally, Safety GloTM Tire Treads incorporates illuminating strips of a different flourescent color [blue] in the tire's steel belts. When the blue flourescent strips are exposed, it visibly alerts the driver that the tire's treads are worn out. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.

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