Sunday, December 9, 2007

Contrinex, Inc.: Smallest packaged M8 inductive sensor allows more compact and cost-effective system designs

New from Contrinex is the world’s smallest packaged M8 inductive sensor. One of the Contrinex 620 range of high performance inductive sensors, this M8 device, complete with an in-built amplifier, is packaged into a housing only 16mm long. The very short length and in-built amplifier of these sensors makes them ideal for embedding into machines and assembly fixtures, especially where sensor access is restricted and longer devices will not fit. Unlike other short devices that are available, the overall system design is much more compact because there is no requirement for a large support amplifier, Ruggedly built with an AISI 303 stainless steel housing and protected to IP67, the sensor can be flush mounted and has an extended operating distance of 2mm — twice the distance of standard sensors of this size. This long operating distance means the sensor can be installed further away from the target and any moving parts, thus making it less susceptible to collision damage. In addition, the sensing range is completely stable from -25°C to +70°C Because of their high performance specifications and the tough, compact design, these new products provide a highly cost-effective solution to larger sensor alternatives. Maximum switching speed is 3kHz, very high for the operating distance, and the sensor has short circuit, inverse polarity and surge protection as standard and is fitted with an LED operation indicator. They also have a wide operating supply voltage from 10 to 30 VDC and can switch an output current of 200mA.

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Olympus NDT: EPOCH LTC Handheld Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Olympus NDT, a world leader in nondestructive testing technologies, announces the introduction of the new EPOCH LTC digital ultrasonic flaw detector. Weighing only 2.12 lbs (0.96 kg), this handheld, sophisticated instrument is now the smallest in its line of EPOCH flaw detectors. The rugged EPOCH LTC is built for use in a wide range of weather conditions and difficult inspection environments. Its sealed case meets IP67 requirements to withstand the rigors of very wet or dusty environments while the multi-color transflective LCD with full VGA resolution provides superior readability from bright sun light to complete darkness. The unit also features a simple keypad that allows full control from the left or right hand for direct access to all important functions. The EPOCH LTC provides powerful standard measurement features and specialized software options to find internal defects in a variety of materials. The instrument is EN 12668-1 compliant and features a square wave pulser, selectable digital filtering, gain range from 1 to 110 dB, peak memory, 0.001 inch (0.01 mm) measurement resolution, and one gate with programmable alarm. Dynamic DAC/TVG software is standard with the EPOCH LTC and application specific software options include DGS/AVG flaw sizing, Manual PRF Control, Extended Range, Tunable Square Wave Pulser, Curved Surface Correction, and AWS D1.1 / D1.5. The EPOCH LTC provides internal storage of inspection data of 50,000 IDs with waveform and measurement parameters while a Mini SD card slot provides additional storage. Its on-board On-the-GO USB port facilitates fast transfer of data and the VGA output allows viewing of the waveform display on remote computer or projector screens. “Because its design is based on the highly advanced EPOCH XT flaw detector, the EPOCH LTC offers several sophisticated standard measurement features and options. What is remarkable though is that all these inspection capabilities are housed in a compact and very rugged case,” says Erich Henjes, Product Manager for portable flaw detectors at Olympus NDT.

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Datastick Systems Inc.: Handheld Vibration Spectrum Analyzer

Datastick Systems, Inc., today introduced the VSA-1225 Vibration Spectrum Analyzer, its first product on the Windows Mobile / Pocket PC platform, announced Michael Scandling, Datastick® Vice President of Marketing. The VSA-1225 joins Datastick's line of Palm-based VSAs in enabling cost-conscious companies to use vibration analysis in machine condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and routine troubleshooting. The VSA-1225 consists of Datastick hardware and software, plus the Hewlett-Packard iPAQ handheld computer, and one or more sensors. The VSA(TM)-1225 hardware module attaches firmly to a HP iPAQ hx2400-series or hx2700-series handheld. The iPAQ supplies the computing power and 128 MB of data storage, while the Datastick VSA hardware module supplies the sensor power, Datastick electronics, and interface. SD (Secure Digital) memory cards -- up to 2 GB each -- provide virtually unlimited auxiliary storage. The module has a standard BNC connector and a very low-noise input that accommodates and powers almost any ICP®-type piezoelectric accelerometer or ICP-type velocity sensor. For the handheld computer, the Datastick Spectrum software suite includes Datastick Spectrum and Datastick Review software. New Version 1.8 of Datastick Spectrum software records and shows vibration FFT spectra in acceleration, velocity, and displacement displays, and now in a new vibration decibel display. In addition, Spectrum provides time-domain acceleration waveforms, and records and displays overall vibration with color-coded ISO (or custom) alert levels. Using Datastick Review, the customer can compare previous reads with the current read in Spectrum. Vibration data is transferred to the PC by copying the data directly from the SD card. The system includes new version 1.8 of Datastick Reporting System(TM) (DRS) software for the PC, which imports the data from the handheld into a special Microsoft® Excel®-based application on the PC. Reports are created with just a mouse click, and since DRS is based on Excel, users can share data freely across a network or by email, or publish reports to the web.. "Datastick removes barriers that have prevented companies from using the powerful tool of vibration analysis to reduce unpredicted machine downtime," said Scandling. "The new VSA is another tool in helping companies achieving cost savings while providing an easy-to-use vibration analyzer that can be learned quickly. Customers who do not have in-house vibration analysts can send their data to the consultant of their choice because our completely open PC software is based on Excel." "We welcome Hewlett-Packard, a leader here in Silicon Valley, as a platform partner," said Penny Melrose, Datastick CEO. "Like Datastick, Hewlett-Packard has defined its focus as simplifying technology experiences for all of its customers, and its iPAQ line of handhelds exemplifies this." The VSA module includes an extremely low-noise analog input for standard ICP®-type accelerometers and velocity sensors, optimized digital circuitry, and a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with optimized power management to allow the VSA-1225 to operate and power ICP sensors far beyond an eight-hour shift.

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Titan Tool Supply, Inc.: SnakeEyeIII™ Remote Video Inspection System

Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, New York, has added the SnakeEye III ™, a lightweight, modular and portable remote video inspection system, to its Envision line. According to Titan, the system combines a LED camera and TFT-LCD display technology that delivers crystal-clear, full-color video at a fraction of the price of current remote video inspection systems. It offers the capability of recording images to a flash memory card for later transfer to a PC for archival and E-mail purposes. Since it is modular in design, SnakeEye III ™ can be configured easily to inspect behind walls, inside ceilings, around pipes and machinery, under vehicles and aircraft, inside engine compartments, behind computer equipment and underneath automobile dashboards. Titan offers the SnakeEye III ™ in two different models. Base Kit W features an interchangeable camera head with built-in LED lighting. This camera attaches to a rigid wand extender, enabling inspection of areas which have access openings as small as 1.1” (27.9 mm). Base Kit CW includes a C-mount camera for use in attaching a borescope or fiberscope to the SnakeEye III ™ display monitor, which allows for the recording of images and enables more than one person to make a visual inspection at the same time. Constructed of high-impact, heavy-duty plastic, Titan’s new Envision SnakeEye III ™, resists water, dust and dirt particles. According to the manufacturer, this makes it an ideal inspection system for use in harsh industry and commercial environments.

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Minco: Flex Circuit Designs Kit

The Flex Circuit Design Kit provides tools and information to assist individuals from inception to physical mock-up, while gaining the knowledge needed to successfully integrate different types of flex circuits into an application. Includes: Start-up Guide provides details of the flex circuit process including design guidelines, specifications and manufacturing along with detailed illustrations and descriptive call-outs plus instructions on how to build a flex circuit mock-up; Two sheets of .010" polyester film to make a mock-up; Design Kit Sample case containing over 25 actual pieces of raw material and finished flex circuits to help you understand how pieces interact when stacked-up; Offer for a FREE mechanical sample of your design with actual flex circuit stack-up materials. NOTE: A mechanical sample ensures that a flex circuit is the right size and shape and is properly constructed for its environmental interfaces which will help to avoid installation problems or latent mechanical issues that could cause failures Reference Materials CD includes a compilation of technical documents and nationally published articles written by Minco flex circuit experts

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United Electronic Industries, Inc (UEI): DNR-12-1G Gigabit Ethernet I/O Chassis

United Electronic Industries (UEI) is pleased to announce the release of the DNR-12-1G (a.k.a. RACKtangle™) Ethernet I/O chassis. Based upon the electronics in the company’s popular “Cube” I/O chassis, the new rectangular form factor increases the number of I/O slots from six to twelve, in a compact and rugged 3U chassis.

As the RACKtangle is electrically compatible with the “Cube” form factors, all of the I/O boards available in the cube form factor are also available for the RACKtangle. With over 30 I/O modules available, there will be a configuration ideally suited for almost any application requirement. The RACKtangle’s 12 I/O slots provide up to: 300 analog inputs, 384 analog outputs, 576 digital I/O, 96 counter or quadrature channels, 144 ARINC-429 channels and/or 48 Serial or CAN-bus ports. A full description of the RACKtangle product line is available at

Software for the RACKtangle is provided in the UEIDAQ Framework. The Framework provides a comprehensive, easy to use API that supports all popular programming and operating systems including Windows, Vista, Linux and most real-time operating systems (e.g. QNX, RTX, RT Linux). Finally, the board is fully supported by LabVIEW, MATLAB/Simulink, DASYLab or any application supporting ActiveX, OPC or Modbus TCP control.

“The RACKtangle was developed to support a large OEM (FlightSafety International) who required the functionality of our “Cube”, but with simpler field configuration and lower Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).”, according to UEI President Shaun Miller, “The RACKtangle concept has been extremely well received not only by FlightSafety, but by a large number of other customers who are drawn to a more conventional chassis than our Cube.”

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Phoenix Contact Inc.: Industrial Power Supplies with Selective Fuse Breaking Technology

Phoenix Contact introduces the QUINT SFB family of industrial grade power supplies. The QUINT SFB is the first industrial grade power supply to feature Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB), a technology that increases system reliability.
SFB technology provides up to six times nominal current for 12 ms. This short burst of current allows individual circuit breakers to react to overloads. Faulty current paths are shut down, while the power supply continues to deliver power to the other loads. The SFB technology’s power reserve is also available for loads with high start-up current peaks.
The QUINT SFB industrial grade power supplies also include expanded diagnostics. When the power supply is operating under nominal conditions, a “DC OK” LED indicates the status locally, while a dry contact provides remote indication. In Power Boost, the QUINT SFB has an additional LED and transistor output to indicate the power supply is supplying more than nominal current. During overload conditions, the “DC OK” LED and its corresponding dry contact output change state to indicate possible fault conditions.
QUINT SFB power supplies are an average of 30 percent narrower than earlier QUINT generations. This frees space on the mounting rail for other components. A wide temperature range and international approvals make the QUINT SFB an ideal power supply for industrial use.

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LEDtronics, Inc.: LEDtronics® announces their PAR36 Series Marker Lamps and Floodlights

TORRANCE, CA — November 9, 2007 — LEDtronics® announces their PAR36 Series Marker Lamps and Floodlights designed as an energy-saving substitute for PAR36 sealed beam lamps. These LED lamps create a bright and glowing spotlight that is perfect for many applications such as industrial vehicles, golf carts, architectural accent lighting, low-heat medical spotlighting, emergency egress lighting systems, landscape lighting, and other utilizations. The PAR36 Series lamp can be a direct drop-in replacement for 12/14Volt DC, 6Volt DC and 120Volt AC PAR36 incandescent lamps. The LEDtronics lamp housing is a sealed unit that protects the LEDs inside and is resistant to moisture and dust, making it perfect for outdoor purposes where it can withstand exposure to harsh environments.

The PAR36 LED lights are available in Warm White (3000 Kelvin), Pure White (5500 Kelvin), and Cool White (8000 Kelvin) color temperatures. For qualified customers, the bulbs are optionally available in other LED colors (including ultraviolet and infrared), voltages, and beam angles. The lamp generates a negligible amount of heat and can brightly indicate your presence while consuming only 4.5Watts of power. An LED cluster lamp continues to provide light even if one or more emitters fail—unlike when the filament fails in an incandescent bulb. PAR36 LED bulbs are designed to perform well in systems subjected to voltage dips or surges. Integrated current-limited resistors ensure that no circuit modifications are required.

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Hoffman introduces the new EZ FORM™ Pull Box, with a unique, flat design that consumes minimal space for easy storage in the warehouse and on service trucks, where space is at a premium. EZ FORM Pull Boxes can be hand-formed in 15 seconds or less, making them a convenient solution for installations where an extra pull box is required to fill an unanticipated need. Forming is quick and easy by bending along pre-scored fold lines, and the sides of the box interlock and snap into place—without the use of tools. Plus, EZ FORM Pull Boxes feature robust 16-gauge steel construction and flat covers, which may be removed for easy wiring access. EZ FORM Pull Boxes reduce time spent on unscheduled trips to retrieve an additional box by enabling service trucks to keep extras on hand. With three commonly used sizes available with or without knockouts, EZ FORM Pull Boxes are a simple solution for cable installation and wiring applications. This compact box meets rugged UL, cUL and NEMA/EEMAC industry enclosure standards, and mounting holes are conveniently located for easy installation. Hoffman has long been a leading provider of pull boxes, and EZ FORM adds to our exceptional product line by offering a unique storage advantage designed with service trucks in mind,” said Glen Kampa, Hoffman product manager. “EZ FORM Pull Boxes minimize the need to search the job site or drive to the nearest electrical distributor for more boxes—which can entail spending valuable time driving long distances from rural areas or fighting traffic in urban locations. Instead, contractors can simply form a rugged pull box from a supply kept on location.” Kampa adds, “EZ FORM Pull Boxes can be used as a junction or pull box in a variety of applications.” Applications. EZ FORM can be utilized anywhere a conventional pull box is required; use on tenant improvement projects or stock in industrial parts cribs for routine repair and maintenance operation requirements. Several features of the EZ FORM Pull Box make it particularly easy to set up and use: • Features space-saving design for compact storage in service trucks • Assembles easily in 15 seconds or less—without the use of tools • Forms along pre-scored fold lines • Utilizes rugged 16-gauge steel construction • Includes flat, removable covers fastened with plated steel screws • Available with or without knockouts

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Electro-Sensors, Inc.: TT-420 Temperature Transmitters

TT420 temperature transmitters, an integral part of the Electro-Sentry™ Hazard Monitoring System, combine a temperature sensor, signal conditioning and 2-wire loop-powered 4-20mA transmitter into one compact package. All models are compatible with standard I.S. barriers and PLC analog inputs and are identical with the exception of the measurement probe, of which there are 3 options:

- The TT420F mounts onto any flat surface with a #10 machine screw.
- The TT420S screws into any surface with a 1/4”- 28 tap.
- The TT420Z mounts into 1/8” or 1/4” NPT grease-fitting (zerk) taps.

TT420 temperature transmitters can be used to monitor temperature on a wide range of machinery: conveyors, bucket elevators, motors, gearboxes, pumps, turbines, fans, curing ovens, centrifuges, agitators and hammermills. All models come ready to use right out of the box, requiring no user calibration. Brass rub blocks are available for use with models TT420F and TT420S, please consult factory for more information.

- Monitor temperature on a wide range of machinery
- Sensors output standard 4-20mA signal
- Compatible with I.S. barriers, PLCs, meters and data acquisition systems
- Ready to use — no calibration required
- Simple and straightforward installation
- Brass rub blocks available — consult factory

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