Sunday, December 9, 2007

Phoenix Contact Inc.: Industrial Power Supplies with Selective Fuse Breaking Technology

Phoenix Contact introduces the QUINT SFB family of industrial grade power supplies. The QUINT SFB is the first industrial grade power supply to feature Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB), a technology that increases system reliability.
SFB technology provides up to six times nominal current for 12 ms. This short burst of current allows individual circuit breakers to react to overloads. Faulty current paths are shut down, while the power supply continues to deliver power to the other loads. The SFB technology’s power reserve is also available for loads with high start-up current peaks.
The QUINT SFB industrial grade power supplies also include expanded diagnostics. When the power supply is operating under nominal conditions, a “DC OK” LED indicates the status locally, while a dry contact provides remote indication. In Power Boost, the QUINT SFB has an additional LED and transistor output to indicate the power supply is supplying more than nominal current. During overload conditions, the “DC OK” LED and its corresponding dry contact output change state to indicate possible fault conditions.
QUINT SFB power supplies are an average of 30 percent narrower than earlier QUINT generations. This frees space on the mounting rail for other components. A wide temperature range and international approvals make the QUINT SFB an ideal power supply for industrial use.

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