Sunday, December 9, 2007


Hoffman introduces the new EZ FORM™ Pull Box, with a unique, flat design that consumes minimal space for easy storage in the warehouse and on service trucks, where space is at a premium. EZ FORM Pull Boxes can be hand-formed in 15 seconds or less, making them a convenient solution for installations where an extra pull box is required to fill an unanticipated need. Forming is quick and easy by bending along pre-scored fold lines, and the sides of the box interlock and snap into place—without the use of tools. Plus, EZ FORM Pull Boxes feature robust 16-gauge steel construction and flat covers, which may be removed for easy wiring access. EZ FORM Pull Boxes reduce time spent on unscheduled trips to retrieve an additional box by enabling service trucks to keep extras on hand. With three commonly used sizes available with or without knockouts, EZ FORM Pull Boxes are a simple solution for cable installation and wiring applications. This compact box meets rugged UL, cUL and NEMA/EEMAC industry enclosure standards, and mounting holes are conveniently located for easy installation. Hoffman has long been a leading provider of pull boxes, and EZ FORM adds to our exceptional product line by offering a unique storage advantage designed with service trucks in mind,” said Glen Kampa, Hoffman product manager. “EZ FORM Pull Boxes minimize the need to search the job site or drive to the nearest electrical distributor for more boxes—which can entail spending valuable time driving long distances from rural areas or fighting traffic in urban locations. Instead, contractors can simply form a rugged pull box from a supply kept on location.” Kampa adds, “EZ FORM Pull Boxes can be used as a junction or pull box in a variety of applications.” Applications. EZ FORM can be utilized anywhere a conventional pull box is required; use on tenant improvement projects or stock in industrial parts cribs for routine repair and maintenance operation requirements. Several features of the EZ FORM Pull Box make it particularly easy to set up and use: • Features space-saving design for compact storage in service trucks • Assembles easily in 15 seconds or less—without the use of tools • Forms along pre-scored fold lines • Utilizes rugged 16-gauge steel construction • Includes flat, removable covers fastened with plated steel screws • Available with or without knockouts

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