Friday, February 29, 2008

Brewer TurbineTM

Brewer TurbineTM

The Brewer Turbine is a turbine that is inexpensive to manufacture and maintain, and is able to extract energy from a variety of moving fluids over a wide range of temperature, pressure, viscosity, and chemical conditions without suffering significant damage. It combines the functions of a turbine housing and rotor to provide a highly simplified means to convert energy within a fluid into rotational energy. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.

Multipurpose Survival CaneTM

Even the most experienced hikers can get lost or trapped in the wilderness, which is why being prepared with basic outdoor skills and tools is essential in surviving extreme situations. The Multipurpose Survival CaneTM is a lightweight tool that consists of different tube sections that either contain emergency equipment or are used to provide nine functions to help people who are lost or trapped in the wilderness. These functions help individuals to eat, as well as signal for help, get around more easily, and keep individuals warm in the wild. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.

Option Gloves and Liners: Convertible Hooded Fingertip GlovesTM

Gloves are a part of everyday life for those who live in cold weather climates. The exceptional and unique feature of Option Gloves and Liners: Convertible Hooded Fingertip GlovesTM makes it a revolutionary improvement to a staple accessory, as it allows the user to quickly uncover as many individual fingers as needed on each hand to handle any task, and then to easily re-cover the fingers to keep them warm and protected once the task is complete. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.

G.G. Hearing Aid StabilizerTM

Hearing aids are expensive, typically costing over $1,000, and up to as much as $4,000 for digital hearing aids. Yet a common problem is that hearing aids often fall off, especially with babies and active children under the age of five, which makes it easy to lose the invaluable hearing aid. On average, the hearing aid is on a child's ear less than 50% of the time. The G.G. Hearing Aid Stabilizer is an adjustable ear piece that clamps onto the hearing aid, with two adjustable arms that extend over the top of the ear as well as the bottom of the ear to lock the hearing aid securely in place. This ensures that a child is able to use his hearing ability 100% of the time, as well as helps prevent the loss of the hearing aid. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.

Safety GloTM Tire Treads

Driving visibility is severely compromised in poor weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, and night driving, where it's often difficult to see the road and other vehicles. The Safety GloTM Tire Treads provide a dual purpose to help prevent automobile accidents and provide safety while driving. First, the Safety GloTM Tire Treads feature flourescent orange strips within the tire grooves which illuminate the tires to increase the visibility of a vehicle. In fog, rain, snow, or night driving conditions, the bright orange glow of the tire treads helps the vehicle's tires to be seen to help avoid traffic accidents. Additionally, Safety GloTM Tire Treads incorporates illuminating strips of a different flourescent color [blue] in the tire's steel belts. When the blue flourescent strips are exposed, it visibly alerts the driver that the tire's treads are worn out. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.


The AcuRelieverTM is an easy to use handheld device that allows a person to experience the benefits of professionally applied acupressure at any time without the assistance of another person. The AcuRelieverTM is fully customizable to both hands. This enables the user to easily adjust the AcuRelieverTM to the points on both hands that are most effective for optimum pain relief or general relaxation. A foot pedal allows the user to easily vary the amount of pressure applied during a treatment session. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.

Magic Multi Purpose Steamer

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook food, since it helps preserve important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are otherwise destroyed with other traditional cooking methods. Yet while people are more health conscience than ever today, and seeking healthier ways of cooking, current steamers on the market are often too small in size to cook a full family meal, usually allowing only one or two items to be steamed to be served as a side dish. The Magic Multi Purpose SteamerTM is a full size portable kitchen appliance that can help families eat completely steamed meals through this healthy cooking method. It enables a large variety of foods to be simultaneously steamed in one appliance, in order to feed an entire family for dinner. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.