Friday, February 29, 2008

Thermal Process Hazards

Thermal Process Hazards

Product Description : • A major hazard in chemical production and storage of chemicals is loss of thermal control, which can lead to destruction and release of toxic substances. A systematic risk analysis is essential in order to define the critical limits of temperature, dosing, storage temperature etc. A systematic risk assessment must include the following stages.

1. Compilation of basic data (physical and chemical properties, reactivity data, interactions between chemicals, equipment data etc.)

2. Define system (boundaries of safe process conditions)

3. Identify hazards (e.G. Check lists, hazard and operability studies (hazop))

4. Assess risks (estimate severity and likelihood)

5. Select risk reduction measures (e.G. Technical, organizational, personnel)

6. Remaining risks

thermal process safety data of chemical reactions requires knowledge of the thermodynamics and kinetic properties of both wanted and unwanted reactions. Thermal process safety for physical operations (e.G. Discharge, distillation) normally requires the thermodynamics and kinetic properties of unwanted reactions.

chilworth technology has a fully equipped laboratory to determine the thermal data necessary for thermal process safety and storage of chemicals, evolved gas collection and analysis, physical properties testing and transportation requirements testing under the united nations guidelines. The professionals at chilworth have many years of industrial experience and expertise in thermal process safety and can provide total solutions to process and operational hazard analysis from compilation of basic data to solving thermal process safety requirements.

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