Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MultiPix Imaging introduce the new Basler Pioneer 5 mega pixel Gige Vision camera

Based on Sony's new ICX625 CCD sensor, which features a resolution of 2456 x 2048 pixels and running at 12 fps.

This perfect image quality is available in monochrome and colour and features a fully GigE vision compliant interface. It's small footprint of 29mm x 44mm makes a compact module.

Key features include binning modes (up to 4 x 4), a programmable AOI feature with speed increase, programmable exposure control, 12 bit readout, packed data transfer for high frame rates even in colour modes and because of it's direct connection to the Gigabit Ethernet port on a remote computer, no frame grabber is required!

This combination makes a perfect camera for inspection tasks, medical and microscopy applications, and intelligent traffic systems.

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