Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ImageMatters releases opensource Web 2.0 Mashup with spatial capabilities

Leesburg, USA, November 12, 2007: Image Matters LLC released the source code of gnizr Community under the Mozilla Public License. This provides enterprises and individuals with an out-of-the-box Web 2.0 mashup framework for bookmarking, tagging, and sharing Web resources. As an open source project, gnizr will allow developers worldwide to participate in creating the industry�s most advanced Web mashup and social bookmarking framework with spatial capabilities. The open source gnizr and documentation are available under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) at

gnizr Community is a core part of gnizr Enterprise, a robust, smart, and collaborative knowledge management and discovery solution. The Enterprise edition unlocks data behind enterprise silos, exposes this data as resources that can be exploited in Web 2.0 world, and helps users mashup data from different sources, and uncover hidden relations, to gain new insights and enhance their productivity. Image Matters will release gnizr Enterprise in late 2007.

�We are very excited about releasing gnizr Community to the public. gnizr gives back to the open source community and recognizes the tremendous benefits this community provides around the globe,� said Dr. Yaser Bishr, CTO of Image Matters. �By releasing gnizr as open source, we are able to focus our corporate efforts on gnizr Enterprise, an enhanced capability that helps our enterprise clients differentiate themselves and succeed by realizing the power of collaborative knowledge sharing.�

�The open source community continues to be a vibrant force in shaping future generations of the Web,� states Harry Niedzwiadek, CEO of Image Matters. �We are convinced that gnizr is best served when it lies in the hands of this fast-evolving community� of course, with our active participation. Meanwhile, we can focus on making Web 2.0 a reality within the enterprise, building authentic corporate knowledgebases, and taking business intelligence and decision making to new levels.�

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